Light Stands

Add light to your messages and reinforce their effectiveness

A more effective image stand, thanks to its visibility and reusability

We manufacture light boxes for all types of indoor applications. Available from 30mm thick and up to 230mm for large format. Single or double-sided, for walls, ceilings, freestanding or integrated into furniture.

With the possibility of fixing or hanging them. We use the latest generation LED technology, panel or curtain, with great luminosity and low consumption.

Light stands: attractive communication spaces

At Imazu we work with a wide range of materials for the production of our light stands, as well as different finishes, using the most suitable material for each production depending on the location and size of the supports.

We specialise in large format textile printing. That’s why we offer in-house printing, cutting, making up and handling of the graphics. We use direct and dye sublimation printing techniques to always obtain the best quality textile printing for our customers.

Textile prints for illuminated holders, the perfect solution to turn your walls, columns and corners into attractive communication spaces.

Led Retail

It is a display with a screen of LED diodes as bright image generators and allows large screen sizes. With multiple daily applications, its typical outdoor use in stadiums, outdoor advertising, concerts, etc., it is also used in TV studios, retail, shopping malls and banks, among others.

Available in two sizes Retail S (230 x 90 x 45 cm) and Retail M (230 x 150 x 45 cm).

Light Box

The Lightbox display is a double-sided backlit folding system with fabric graphics with a silicone border.

It has integrated and protected LED bars inside. Easy and quick to assemble without tools. Ideal for fashion shops, shop windows, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, events, trade fairs, offices, etc.

Available in two sizes Retail S (200 x 85 cm) and Retail M (230 x 100cm).

Light Boxes

The light box is an aluminium frame with a channel on each side for the location of the silicone seals that are sewn into the fabrics.

Once the two fabrics are mounted with graphics printed on both sides of the boxlight the light passes through the images equally, giving an even wash over the entire image.

Silicone stitching on the 12 x 3 mm or 14 x 3 mm thick print on the aluminium frame profile.

Light stands advantages


Easily transportable with a simple van as they are lightweight.


Versatile, reusable, resistant structures with single or double-sided printing and for outdoor and indoor use thanks to their fixed lighting.


Quick assembly, no tools required and space-saving due to the cardboard packaging.

Light stands use

Light stands are low-maintenance, easy to clean and cost-effective. They are very weather resistant.

They can withstand the sun, incessant rain and wind, and therefore have a long service life.

They can be used in all types of indoor and outdoor events, and thanks to the LED light they provide unique visibility and advertising recognition.


Political parties, associations…

  • Associations and ONG’s
  • Sports federations
  • Associations

Different places

  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Congress centres
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums
  • Conference halls
  • Shopping centres
  • Retail shops
  • Shops of all types

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