Decorate and personalise any event

A highly effective stand with maximum flexibility

At Imazu we are ready to design customised advertising tents with the measurements that best suit the event space or your client’s needs.

We will develop your ideas and wishes, putting the utmost passion in taking care of every detail to easily capture attention, attract everyone’s attention and impress with the quality of our printing.

Advertising tents: folding tents with a personal touch

At Imazu, thanks to the bright colours of the fabric, the aluminium structure and the possibility of personalised printing, our folding tents will become an integral part of your company, of your events and, above all, of your unforgettable moments.

Your customer will be able to attract the attention of potential customers at trade fair stands, events and markets. It is one of the advertising formats with the greatest visual impact and creates a unique space.

The printing of advertising marquees for events is increasingly in demand.

This product is ideal for the creation of a corporate space, creating the perfect scene for any commercial action.


We manufacture customised advertising tents with everything necessary for their installation.

The tent pack consists of the folding aluminium structure, the accessories for assembly and the transport bag.

The whole structure of the tent is waterproof and is made of the best quality Blockout fabric.

3X3m – 4,5x3m – 6x3m (width x length)

Advertising tents advantages


A support that you can customise with any design, fabric or personal touch with the accessories you want to add.


You will save assembly time. It is a foldable structure that you can set up in a short time.


A support that can be used for any occasion, just by changing the graphics.

Advertising tents use

These corporate tents are often found at congresses and trade fairs, forming part of the business furniture. With them, you can delimit the space of your brand with your brand colours, creating a perfect commercial environment.

In them, you can offer commercial information or make promotions of your products. These printed marquees allow quick recognition of the colours and aesthetics of the organisation responsible, making them ideal for the creation of meeting points of certain relevance.


Public organisations

  • Public events

Political parties, associations…

  • Associations and ONG’s
  • Sports federations
  • Associations
  • Public events

Different places

  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Congress centres
  • Exhibitions
  • Popular festivals
  • Conference halls
  • Various events: sporting, cultural…

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