Vertical flags

Choose vertical advertising banners to capture the attention

We manufacture advertising flags with any type of personalized design.

We only work with quality materials, which are reflected in the printing on the fabric and its resistance over time. We make advertising flags for power arms, with this mast system, the flag is unfurled and its message will be visible regardless of the strength of the wind.

The advantage of this banner is the visualization that it has, superior, compared to other advertising media.

Flag sizes (height x width):
Made to measure

Fabric Type:
Polyester 100% 110 gr

3 cm reinforcement tape
Double stitching around the perimeter

Vertical flags’ design

You have the possibility to choose the design and size of the vertical flag that best suits the needs and requirements of your client.

Ask us about any type of flag you need, size and type of finish and we will give you the best quote so that you can get the best possible benefit.

Choose the type of printing required for the flag you request from these two options we work with:

Digital Printing

It is a process similar to screen printing, it is carried out in several stages, a unique quality is achieved, but it requires a high quantity of printing units to be competitive in price.

Digital Printing

CMYK printing
Order from one unit upwards
No photolitho required


Knitting 110g /120g.
Glitter Knitting 130g.
Microperforated 120g.
Spun yarn 100g / Spun yarn 150g.


Sublimation is the only digital printing process that integrates the inks into the fabric. The result we achieve is more durable, the highest possible colour intensity, it does not fade with use or age and can be easily folded and stored.


Full colour (no colour limits)
Order from one unit upwards
No photolitho required
The result is almost a near-photographic reproduction
Repeated washing resistant


Knitting 117g.
Microperforated 120g.

The fabric we use to produce vertical flags is:

100% Polyester 110 gr.

It allows the flag to be seen from both sides, it is the most economical option and makes the flag look colourful and it is 100% transparent.

Clothing and finishes

All flags are finished with special double stitching around the perimeter for outdoor use and a lateral sheath for inserting the tape between the different flags.

We show you the different finishes of the vertical flags, which are made by hand in our workshop.

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