Indoor Institutional flags

Fabricación y venta de todo tipo de banderas de interior

Indoor Institutional flags

At Imazu we offer any design of indoor flags of the best quality and price.

Flags of all the Autonomous Communities, cities, countries, institutions or official organizations that you request; any type of flag.

We have three types of fabrics: 100% polyester of 117 gr, printed satin of 140 gr and satin embroidered by machine and by hand.

We have standard clothing and finishes, however our workshops adapt to the special clothing you may need.

Indoor flags: distinction and recognition in any space

Indoor flags are ideal for any event where you want to generate a visual impact, especially if they are in the ideal location and at the events they represent, due to the notoriety they symbolise.

Imazu, we are experts in the manufacture, sale and distribution of made-to-measure indoor flags and in order to provide the best personalised service we deliver within 48 hours of your confirmation.

Indoor flags are a symbol of identity and notoriety for any Official organisations, hotels, companies, restaurants, businesses, schools, town halls… as well as indoor events of other regional, national or international character where they symbolise the solidity and formality of the entity itself.

Therefore, we only manufacture with top quality materials, with a wide variety of finishes, taking care of every detail, is part of our hallmark and also make our flags some of the most durable and resistant on the market.

We can customise the indoor flag with the dimensions you need, our team of designers is at your disposal to ensure a perfect finish.


Office Flags

We manufacture flags for offices, institutions, official events…

They are also a very popular resource in companies, both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Desktop Flag

We have tabletop flags that can be displayed with a single, double or triple pole, gold or chrome.

We also have tabletop poles with a high protocol wood base.

Indoor flags’ advantages


Inside a meeting room, office or assembly hall, a flag strengthens and reinforces your corporate and institutional communication.


Because of the position they occupy and the events they are used for, they are highly visible elements that provide an image of elegance.


Their personalisation and printed or embroidered satin finish make these flags a unique symbol.

Measurements of indoor institutional flags

We manufacture indoor flags in all sizes, and can customise them with the dimensions you need.

The standard (most common) size for office flags is 150 x 100 cm (width by height) and for desktop flags made horizontally and in rectangular format, it measures 25 x 15 cm (width by height).

But, we offer you more options*:

Office flags

150 x 100 cm

*Ask for other sizes


Office flags

15 x 10 cm

*Ask for other sizes

Production of indoor institutional flags

They are produced in textile sublimation in printed satin and embroidered satin


Shields’ Hand-embroidery
Gold and silver embroidery
Satin tie cord
Braided satin cord to attach the flag to the flagpole


CMYK printing
Order from one unit upwards
No photolitho required

Hand embroidery

The hand embroidery is characterised by its handmade, carefully detailed and totally handmade, with high quality thread and its double texture so that the back of the embroidery is not visible.

Hand embroidery

Shields’ Hand-embroidery
Gold and silver embroidery
Satin tie cord
Braided satin cord to attach the flag to the flagpole


The textile sublimation technique is created in order to offer the best quality from a single unit.This technology integrates a process that ensures that the original colors render 100%.


Solid colour printing

Order from one unit

Photolitho no required

Fabric types

In this type of flags that are a symbol of diplomacy or a sign of identity, whether corporate, governmental or social, but also an element of decoration in the space or place where it is displayed, the fabric to be used is very important.

We only work with the best materials, with high quality finishes and manufacturing and at the best price.


Print Satin 140 gr/m2

Printed satin is a brighter and thicker embroidery than polyester and only 40% of it is transferred. It has a superb quality, but at a lower price. It is for indoor use only and does not transfer 100%, only one side shows through.


Embroidered satin 140 gr/m2

Embroidered satin flags whose manufacture is semi-artisanal are used for high protocol places and events where figures of high institutional and private level develop their receptions, events and other institutional or private acts.

They are flags embroidered with silver and gold threads, including a lining on the back of the flag in order to get more body.


Fabrics and finishes

You can choose different standard finishes for your flags.

Below are some details of different finishes.


Use Indoor flags

Indoor flags can be used for different purposes, but they are widely used in public institutions, offices of official organisations. The elegance and aesthetics of indoor flags, as well as the visibility they provide, give the place a different air of professionalism and distinction. They can be used in:

Public Organisations

  • City Councils
  • Ministries
  • Official Institutes
  • International Organisations
  • Embassies
  • Educational centres: Universities, Colleges, High Schools
  • Courts
  • Offices of public officials
  • Official halls

Political parties, associations...

  • Political party headquarters
  • Associations and NGO’s
  • Sports federations
  • Associations

Different places

  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Offices of executives
  • Protocol ceremonies
  • Interior receptions
  • Company boardrooms

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