Outdoor Institutional flags

Outdoor flags Manufacture and sale of all types of flags for outdoor events

Outdoor Institutional flags

At Imazu we offer any design of outdoor flags of the best quality, durability and price.

Flags of all the Autonomous Communities, cities, countries, institutions or official organizations that you request; any type of flag.

We have standard clothing and finishes, however our workshops adapt to the special clothing you may need.

Outdoor flags: we are manufacturers

Outdoor flags are ideal for capturing the attention of your potential clients or guests at any event. They are an elegant and simple form of outdoor advertising.

Imazu as a reference flag manufacturer takes into account the details, giving great importance to quality.

For this reason, we use the latest technologies in textile sublimation, with its original inks, 100% polyester fabrics, and two production lines: printing (large quantities) and textile sublimation (small and medium quantities) as well as different standard types of finishes.

We customize the institutional flag you need with the dimensions you need. Our pre-printing, printing and manufacturing team is at your disposal through the commercial department to guarantee a perfect finish.

British County Flags

Here you have  the county flags of Great Britain.

You can choose the standard size and quality you need for any act or event.


European Union Flags

The raw material with which our flags are made, together with the professionalism of the finishing teams, guarantee the best product.


Organisations´ Flags

Our experience has taught us that symbols are important, so we know how to serve with the quality that users expect from these flags.

Other Countries´ Flags

Remember that the flag is a perishable product. The location where it is placed requires recurring replacements, so the business is insured.

However, the materials with which our flags are made are ideal against inclement weather, guaranteeing optimum durability.


Autonomous Communities Flags

Small flags, medium flags, large flags, we have official standard measures for institutional flags.

Tell us how high your flagpole is so that we can advise you on the best measure.

 Advantages of outdoor flags


Their high quality printing with sharp colors makes them highly visible.


The materials of the Imazu flags guarantee the greatest durability.


Our internal processes ensure that the best qualities do not influence offering the most competitive prices.

Measurements of the institutional flags

We manufacture official and institutional flags in all sizes and we can customize them with the dimensions and size you need.

The standard (most common)size for Institutional flags is 150 x 100 cm (base by height).

Official measurements*:

75 x 50 cm
100x 70 cm
150 x 100 cm
180 x 120 cm


210 x 140 cm
250 x 150 cm
300 x 200 cm

*Ask for another offical size.

Production of Institutional flags

We manufacture institutional flags with two different technologies:


It is a process similar to screen printing, it is carried out in several phases, a unique quality is achieved, but it requires a high quantity of printing units to be competitive in price.


Solid colour printing
Large order quantities
Photolitho required


The textile sublimation technique is created in order to offer the best quality from a single unit.

This technology integrates a process that ensures that the original colors render 100%.


CMYK printing
Order from one unit upwards
No photolithography required


117gr/m2 grammage suitable for outdoor flags

The tests carried out on different weights of polyester fabrics conclude that the most balanced weight to obtain the best performance in terms of durability and visibility is 117 gr/m2.


The 117 gr/m2 polyester fabric is perfect for our textile sublimation lines, since in a wide range of colors the transfer from the front to the back of the flags is 100%. It is also a very light material that waves well in light breezes. Polyester is highly resistant to inclement weather, making it ideal for making outdoor flags.


100% polyester fabric of 117 gr/m2.

Clothing and finishes

You can choose different finishes for your flags.

Here are some details of different finishes.

Use of Institutional flags

Use of Institutional flags The use of the flag is a commitment to the image of the Institution that is represented, as well as the one that is owed to it as an official symbol.

They can be used as Official and Institutional flags in:


Public Organisations

  • City Councils
  • Ministries
  • Official Institutions
  • International Organisations
  • Embassies
  • Universities
  • Courts

Official ceremonies

  • Official public events
  • Official receptions
  • Official parades
  • Audiences
  • Official festivities

Political parties, associations...

  • Headquarters of political parties
  • Associations and NGOs
  • Sports federations
  • Associations

Different places

  • Conference halls
  • Congress halls
  • Exhibitions and museums
  • Press conferences
  • Sports clubs
  • Executive offices

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