Easy Fly Banner

Sizes Fly Banner Easy:
One size: 80×270 cm

Fabric Type:
100% Polyester 110 gr

Left side: 6 cm free sheath with elastic cord, double stitching and 4 cm free upper sheath
Carrying bag included

Base to choose

Easy Fly Banner

This flag is characterised by the fact that it is completely rectangular. It is very easy to install and is ideal for any type of event. It tends to attract more attention at trade fairs, parties or sporting events and constantly stands out for having a very elegant support to advertise the brand. They are essentially designed for outdoor events.

The digital printing allows a wide range of colours to be visible on both sides.

With a very strong carbon fibre and aluminium pole in 2 sections.

Available in one size only:


Flagpole made of carbon fibre and aluminium in 2 sections
Extended flagpole size: 280 cm and 80 cm arm
Flag size without pole: 70×250250 cm
Flag size + pole: 280 cm
Bases and accessories



Fly banners accessories

We have all the necessary accessories for the installation and personalisation of your fly banners, so that they are as safe and easy to manage as possible. Depending on the type of fly banner you are going to install, the accessories that make up each of them are different, therefore, we offer you different options:

    The standard base is made of an aluminium cross to ensure stability indoors and in low-traffic areas.


    Made of iron in the shape of a square. It is very heavy and allows the installation of flags on any hard surface without the need for a float.


    To be placed under the wheels of the car. Removable for easy transport and storage.


    It has two folding handles to make it easy to stick it in the ground: gardens, snow, earth…


    It can be filled with water or sand so that its weight gives greater stability to the whole Fly Banner structure.


    Wall base with a fixed inclination of 45 degrees. Elegant base to place on walls and facades in street level establishments.

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