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Textile advertising holders, flags and masts

Comprehensive advertising textile sublimation solutions


Imazu is committed to personalized attention, closeness to the customer. That is our vision in an increasingly technological market.

Our entire organization with its policies are focused on our clients obtaining the highest returns, not only in price but also in treatment, service and quality. With this we intend to establish satisfactory and lasting business relationships.


Imazu, build confidence. Safe bet!

We know the importance of each project in terms of quality, deadlines and solutions.

We have mechanical, material and human resources creating an industry that produces innovative and inspiring products for textile decorations.

Directly from the factory to the distributor with unique prices

We only work with distributors such as advertising agencies, sign makers, event organizations,… offering competitive prices, without competition.

We know that each client is different and we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to each of them, adjusting to their needs.

Personalized direct contact with each client, check it out!

We are sustainable

The PET reference means 100% recyclable. For this reason, in response to global demand, we have decided to incorporate into our products a textile whose main component is the PET reference. As a raw material, PET is recognized as a safe, non-toxic, durable and flexible material, exactly the same as the original standard fabric.

You will find in our catalog of fabrics, PET reference textiles, because we also think about the environment.

Flexible production times

We currently have the best technology in large-format sublimation textile printing.

We have a high production capacity to be able to carry out work from one unit to large volumes. Our production team allows us to be agile and have the order in an optimal time with the best printing quality.

The shipment will arrive at its destination between 24/48 hours.

Full customization

Our prepress department supervises and adapts the jobs for printing in order to guarantee the optimal result of each production.

In addition, we manufacture any material tailored to your needs with our personalized advice.

We respond personally to your queries and doubts so that your client is satisfied with the quality and service of the product.

Maximum quality

We offer a service of the highest quality, care and professionalism throughout the production chain: commercial attention, pre-printing, production, cutting and sewing, handling and shipping.

We want to help you give the best image to your client and your brand, it is our essence and disposition at all times.

We have a quality control area that works constantly to check that the orders arrive with the quality required for all our customers.



Finishing Department

We take care of the details

As an essential link, Imazu has professional clothing workshops, in which we apply the finishes and clothing of each job, meeting the expectations of our customers.

We have designed an extensive book of finishing patterns, to deal with the most standardized productions, essential for the efficiency of the different production areas.

However, our workshops are flexible to address any clothing innovation so that your work is absolutely unique and adapted to the required needs.

Imazu, we are different

We use for any production, the latest technology in textile sublimation. Our goal is and will continue to be to meet the needs of our customers, also providing the best quality-price ratio on the market, creativity and expert advice so that purchase decisions are always the right ones.

With regard to the flags and their poles, we offer the installation, you just have to make the request, to perform this service.

Do not hesitate, if you want to buy flags or any textile production for advertising media, Imazu is the flag and flagpole company that best suits your needs.