Striped flags

Striped flags

We manufacture striped flags of different countries, autonomous regions, municipalities or custom printed, made with different materials and sizes. We also manufacture advertising flags to decorate or for colourful events.

All our products are made with high quality materials and in this case with 100% polyester fabric of 110g/m2 and plastic or wooden flagpole.

The most used standard sizes are: 60x40cm, 45×30 cm and 30×20 cm. But we can make any other size you request. You can request them in rectangular or triangular format and in strips of 10 metres with 20 units.

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Flag sizes (height x width):
60×40 cm · 45×30 cm · 30×20 cm

Fabric Type:
Polyester 100% 110 gr

Reinforcement tape 

Striped flags’ design

Imazu strip flags are made of 100% polyester 110 gr for outdoor use mainly.

The fabric we use to produce strip flags is:

100% polyester 110 gr.

It allows the flag to be seen from both sides, it is the most economical option and makes the flag look colourful and it is 100% transparent.

Clothing and finishes

All flags are finished with a double stitching around the perimeter for outdoor use and a lateral sheath for inserting the tape between the different flags.

We show you the different finishes of the strip flags, which are handmade in our workshop.

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