Fly banners

Fly banners Unique visibility in any space that impacts on your communication

Effective message at the best price

Fly banners are the ideal support to show your brand message in outdoor or indoor events in an effective way and with a unique style.

As a manufacturer, we indicate below the main criteria to take into account to choose and buy the one that best suits your needs.

Fly banners: Visual attraction perfect for outdoors

Fly banners are a type of advertising banner, whose great advantage is easy and quick to install, economical and transportable in any vehicle.

They are used for events, where reputable companies are present and have large stands. They are a very effective way to create and maintain public relations between consumers and companies at an affordable price and with a very effective result.

This is one of the most affordable products you will find at Imazu, fully customisable, available in different heights and made of very resistant materials that can withstand different environments: beach, ski slopes, roads, golf courses, both outdoors and indoors.

Before buying a fly banner, you should know which one best suits your advertising needs, the models should be designed to consider the target and the audience you want to reach, but our team will advise you on what you need.

Wing Flag

This type of flag, also known as fly banner surf, due to its shape similar to a surfboard, is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is highly resistant to external atmospheric agents and due to its wide space it is an ideal solution to highlight your brand or product.

Bali Flag

Bali flags are extravagant, fun and cheerful. These fly banners are elements that won’t go unnoticed and will make an impact on anyone who looks at you.

Bali flags are easy and quick to set up and transport, anywhere.

Base Flag

This type of fly banner is also called a telescopic advertising banner and is essentially designed for outdoor events.

They are held by an extendable pole, firm and resistant, made of carbon fibre, ideal for vertical advertising.

Easy Flag

This type of fly banner is rectangular in the shape of an “L”, designed for outdoor events.

They are held up by a removable pole, firm and resistant, made of carbon fibre, ideal for vertical advertising.

It is the fly banner that provides the most surface area, making the communication on the fly banner more effective.

Drop Flag

This type of banner, also known as a teardrop or teardrop fly banner, due to its shape similar to an inverted teardrop, can be used indoors, but is actually designed for outdoor use.

It presents a modern and different design as well as visual and elegant, which due to its peculiar shape better resists the impact of the wind by reducing the rubbing surface.

Sail Flag

This type of flag has a shape similar to a surf sail and is designed for outdoor use.

It allows visibility from both sides, it is the perfect solution to show your message outdoors at events, fairs, exhibitions…

Fly Banners Advantages


They are very economical and you can reuse them and save money.


Light, sturdy and easy to assemble with easy transport and no need for professional assembly.


They are very tall, with graphics visible on both sides and from a long distance.

Production of fly banners

We carry out two types of fly banner production:

Digital Printing

It is a process similar to screen printing, it is carried out in several stages, a unique quality is achieved, but it requires a high quantity of printing units to be competitive in price.

Digital Printing

CMYK printing
Order from one unit upwards
No photolitho required


Sublimation is the only digital printing process that integrates the inks into the fabric. The result we achieve is more durable, more colour intensity, does not fade and can be easily stored.


Solid colour printing
Large order quantities
Photolitho required

Fly banner accessories

We have all the necessary accessories for the installation and customisation of your fly banners, so that they are as safe and easy to manage as possible. Depending on the type of mast you are going to install or have installed, the accessories that make up each of them are different, therefore, we offer you different options:

    The standard base is made of an aluminium cross to ensure stability indoors and in low-traffic areas.


    Made of iron in the shape of a square. It is very heavy and allows the installation of flags on any hard surface without the need for a float.


    To be placed under the wheels of the car. Removable for easy transport and storage.


    It has two folding handles to make it easy to stick it in the ground: gardens, snow, earth…


    It can be filled with water or sand so that its weight gives greater stability to the whole Fly Banner structure.


    Wall base with a fixed inclination of 45 degrees. Elegant base to place on walls and facades in street level establishments.

Clothing and finishes

You can choose different finishes for your fly banners.

We offer you multiple combinations and we make them to measure.

Fly Banners Use

Due to the variety of designs, sizes and models, as well as the type of materials available for manufacturing, fly banners or advertising flags are designed to be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Therefore our fly banners are perfect for all kinds of events, trade fairs and commercial areas, product exhibitions, group meetings, associations, political parties, sporting, charity, artistic and cultural events, among others.



  • Associations
  • Sports federations
  • ONG´s

Different places

  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Sporting events and companies
  • Shopping areas
  • Congress centres
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums
  • Cultural and political events…

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