Stainless Steel Flagpoles

Stainless Steel Flagpoles

Stainless steel flagpoles manufactured and recommended for outdoor use, with the highest performance and quality.

It is the perfect solution most demanded by public institutions and companies, with great resistance to inclement weather.

The stainless steel outdoor flagpole has a shiny metallic appearance and has an internal halyard to hoist the flag. At Imazu we are specialists in flagpoles from their manufacture to their installation and for this reason do not hesitate to ask us for any information you need so that we can help you choose the best flagpole for your flag.

We have different heights of 8, 15, 18 and up to 25 metres (on request) which we will detail for you.

Attachment systems:
Internal halyard system with mechanical or electrical crank

Halyard and safety cleats
Folding base 

The quintessential institutional flagpole with the highest strength and height!

Stainless steel flagpole is recommended for outdoor institutional flags.

We take care of helping you in the process of choosing the best flagpole and if you need our specialists for its installation, we have the best professionals for its perfect fixing.

We make sure to guarantee the safety of the flag installation, we calculate the wind strength and location of the flagpole and we advise you on the most appropriate height, material, size and weight for the installation.

Trust Imazu and ask us for advice on the best flagpoles on the market!


Start collaborating with Imazu!

Ask for information or a quote for any flagpole, we will advise you on which is the most suitable and, if you need it, we will install it with our project team and you will find out why you should choose us.

Talk to an expert and discover why our quality and price are excellent!