Roll Up

Roll Up Sizes:
M 85×2000 cm
L 100×200 cm

Fabric Type:
Deco Display 210/260 gr

Finishes and accesories:
Aluminum Struture

Carrying bag

Roll Up

It is one of the most demanded advertising supports for events. These are self-rolling, so they are unfolded and hooked at both ends. In addition, the print quality is very high.

For outdoor or indoor advertising, they are usually placed in front of some event scenarios, on the doors for conferences, etc…

Aluminum structure, resistant and light and very easy to assemble.

We have 2 sizes of structure that are the following that we detail:


Roll up size 85 x 200cm
Graphic Printing 85 x 200cm
Includes carrying bag
Includes aluminum support




Roll up size 100 x 200cm
Graphic Printing 100 x 200cm
Includes carrying bag
Includes aluminum support


Type of fabrics

For the elaboration of advertising Roll up, from Imazu, we work with the best quality of fabrics on the market. In the case of this advertising support, we print with the “Deco Display” textile from 210 to 260gr, since it is the most suitable for opaque and anti-wrinkle sublimation printing.

Deco display:

Deco Display 210 gr

The Decodisplay fabric has the virtue that it does not wrinkle, therefore, it can be folded for transport in a small package and sent wherever you want, once opened, it unfolds and when stretched the wrinkles disappear, it is one of the most important advantages when deciding how to order a poster, whether to buy a canvas or to buy a textile.

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