Light Boxes

Light Boxes

We are specialised in large format textile printing.

That’s why we offer in-house printing, cutting, making up and handling of the graphics.

We use direct and dye sublimation printing techniques to always obtain the best quality textile printing for our customers.

Textile prints for light boxes, the perfect solution to turn your walls, columns and corners into attractive communication spaces. We make customised measurements for each space.

Custom size:
2  metres

Type of fabric:
Backlight 210 gr

Finishes and complements:

Silicone stitching on the 12 x 3 mm or 14 x 3 mm print

We manufacture the graphics you need for your light boxes!

All we need is for you to send us the design you choose and we will take care of printing the graphic with the best textile and the best finish so that you only have to place it on the light box.

Simple, easy and economical so you can change the design as many times as you need.

Start collaborating with Imazu!

Ask us for information or a quote about our Light Boxes or any other textile advertising holder and you will find out why you should choose us.

Our quality and price are excellent!