Fly Banners Accessories

Find the perfect accessory to attach your fly banner to any surface

Fly Banners Accessories

We have shown you the wide variety of fly banners we have available, which are perfect for advertising, as they are the perfect way to attract attention at any event.

One of the main characteristics of fly banners is that, thanks to their elegance, comfort and durability, you can add a wide variety of accessories designed exclusively for them.

From Imazu we show you the options so that you can choose the best one for every moment: 



Cross-shaped aluminium base. Perfect for flat or soft ground.

The base can be additionally “loaded” with a refillable float.

We have 4 different bases.


Steel base for fixed anchoring of fly banners.

Does not include rotor, it must be adjusted by 90º to the base.

Recommended for drop, easy and sail fly banners.

Available in two sizes: 5 Kg and 12 Kg.



Folding iron base with rotor for tubes from 14.5 to 16.7 mm.

Used in car dealerships and used car sales, on cycle rides, or where we cannot fix the flag anywhere, this base can be stepped on with the wheel of a vehicle.

Available in aluminium and black iron. 




Base screw type base, ideal for sandy ground where a hole can be made, ideal for the beach or non-stony ground.

It is a great option for setting up your fly banner on a golf course or beach to show off your outdoor events.

It has a double folding handle for easy installation.



The water-sand filled base is a heavy base to give stability to the fly banners.

It is made of plastic and can hold up to 20kg of water or sand and is used to increase stability in areas where we can’t make holes or where we want to reach and place.

Recommended for easy, sail and drop fly banners. 



Spiked base is ideal for displaying your fly banner outdoors, spiking in grass or dirt.

Perfect for golf courses or beaches.

Can be used as an accessory for any Imazu fly banner model. 



It is a 45º, 90º or 180º base so that you can place the flag or fly banner at a fixed height, you can use the base anchored to a wall where it is possible to use screws.

Made of iron, it has a rotor for tubes from 14.5 to 16.7 mm.

It can be used with any model of Imazu fly banner or flag. Recommended for large banners and under adverse weather conditions. 



The refillable float (water bag) for fly banners is designed to give extra stability with up to 10kg.

It is made of plastic and very versatile in combination with other bases.

It is perfect for adding that extra weight needed for outdoor events



The rotator is a metal part used to support some fly banner bases.

Its function is to provide 360º rotation and to hold the fly banner more securely.

Recommended for any fly banner with square or cross base. 



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