Office flagpoles and bases

Office flagpoles and bases

Office flagpoles are one of the holders where indoor flags are placed.

Their size varies depending on the size of the flag and where it will be placed. A very characteristic element of this product is that you can choose its finials, in these flags it is a very important point because it enhances the beauty of the flag giving it beauty and notoriety.

At Imazu, manufacturer of masts and flags, you can order them in gold, nickel or wood, with gold or silver finials.

The flagpoles or masts of these flags have a height of 222 cm and are available in silver, gold or wood.

Dimensions of flagpoles:
Height 222 cm

Types of bases:
Silver plated – Gold plated – Wood

Spear – Rounded

Office flagpoles

If you want to place a flag in an office, reception, public or private room, etc.; or if you have to follow the protocol at an event, conference or congress, the best and most elegant way to present the flag is with a flagpole or office flagpole.

Our poles are available in silver or gold-plated aluminium, with a choice of different finishes. 

 The height of the pole is unique:

Wood: Height 222 cm
Silver: Height 222 cm
Golden: Height 222 cm

Offices bases

Our range of high quality office bases comes in three different options:

  • Silver-plated cone-shaped bases
  • Gold-plated cone-shaped bases
  • Wooden cone-shaped bases

Its rounded shape gives the flag an elegant and harmonious look.

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