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Advertising flags’ manufacturing for your events

Advertising flags for any event

At Imazu we offer the widest range of advertising flags, they are an excellent investment that also withstand the inclement weather outdoors.

There are a large number of models and proposals for outdoor display at trade fairs, events or sporting championships.

In addition, their movement adds a great deal of dynamism and gives them a more modern and elegant look.

Advertising flags: a highly attractive and recommendable visual resource

Advertising flags are an ideal communication tool to display on a support and promote a celebration, event, fair or congress…

It is a great proposal to transmit a series of values and a specific message. These supports are available in many sizes, designs and materials. They can even be made to measure with a company logo. This type of flag is ideal for promoting an event and advertising a brand.

As time goes by, the option of personalisation opens up a wide range of possibilities. Companies invest in differentiating themselves from the rest in order to be more competitive. For this reason, designing your own banner for the occasion is worthwhile and serves to improve branding and enhance your brand.

We can customise the advertising banner to the dimensions you need, guaranteeing a perfect finish.

At Imazu, we design five different types of advertising flags:



Horizontal flags

Horizontal flags are made of polyester and are indispensable for the signage and active and dynamic advertising of any company or business.

This type of advertising flag is always placed on long poles so that they wave, attract attention and have high visibility. They are only made for outdoor areas.

Vertical flags

LVertical flags are made of polyester and are the most commonly used by companies when they only want to display their name and logo.

This type of advertising flag is always placed on long poles so that it can be seen properly. They are only made for outdoor areas.

Strip flags

The strip flags are ideal for hanging and decorating indoor and outdoor spaces to celebrate events, fairs, festivals, parties, inaugurations or celebrations.

The banners are made of 100% polyester outdoor fabric and are resistant to rain and sun.

The most common banner formats are square and triangular.


Pole flags

Poleflags are characterised by the fact that they are attached to a plastic or wooden pole so that they can be easily carried by people in their hands.

They are made of polyester and are mainly used for demonstrations and political events.

Car flags

Car flags are exclusively for outdoor use, as they are placed on the outside of cars. They are made of 100% polyester fabric.

They are used for the transport of consulate workers, politicians and/or big businessmen, although their uses can be very diverse for other recreational events.

Advertising flags advantages


Digital printing with spectacular colour finishes to be visible from any distance.


Resistant due to its aluminium and stainless and resistant fibreglass structure.


Unique prices we are manufacturers and always taking care of the maximum quality of the product.

Advertising flags’ design

We manufacture advertising flags in all sizes, and can customise with the dimensions you need.

The standard size (most common) for horizontal flags is 150 x 100 cm (width by height) and for vertical flags it measures 100 x 300 cm (width by height), flags with pole 50 x 30cm, flags in strips 20x30cm (in rectangular or triangular format) and car flags 20 x 30 cm.

But, we offer you more options:

150 x 100 cm

*Ask for another size

15 x 10 cm
25 x 15 cm
20 x 30 cm

Advertising flags’ production

Flags made of 100% polyester with reinforcement, nylon rings and special double stitching around the perimeter for outdoor use.

We produce two types of advertising flags:


It is a process similar to screen printing, it is carried out in several stages, a unique quality is achieved, but it requires a high quantity of printing units to be competitive in price.


CMYK printing
Order from one unit upwards
No photolithography required


Sublimation is the only digital printing process that integrates the inks into the fabric. The result we achieve is more durable, more colour intensity, does not fade and can be easily stored.


Solid colour printing
Large order quantities
Photolitho required

Hand embroidery

The hand embroidery is characterised by its handmade, carefully detailed and totally handmade, with high quality thread and its double texture so that the back of the embroidery is not visible.

Hand embroidery

Shields’ Hand-embroidery
Gold and silver embroidery
Satin tie cord

Fabrics Types

For advertising banners Imazu uses 100% polyester fabric, with a weight ranging from 110 grams. This fabric is mainly used for printing and sublimation printing.

Poliester 100% 110 gr/m2

Polyester is a light and very weather resistant fabric, ideal for the production of outdoor banners, which also flutters very well in light breezes.

It allows the flag to be seen from both sides, it is the most economical option and makes the flag look colourful and it is 100% transparent.


Fabrications and finishes

You can choose different finishes for your advertising flags.

We offer you multiple combinations and we make them to measure so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Use of advertising flags

Due to their variety of designs, sizes and models, as well as the type of materials available for making them, advertising flags are ideal for all kinds of events, trade fairs and commercial areas, product exhibitions, company meetings, political parties, sporting, charity, artistic and cultural events, among others…


Public Organisations

  • City Councils
  • Ministries
  • Official Institutes
  • International Organisations
  • Embassies
  • Educational centres: Universities, Colleges, High Schools
  • Courts
  • Offices of public officials
  • Official halls

Political parties, associations...

  • Political party headquarters
  • Associations and NGO’s
  • Sports federations
  • Associations

Different places

  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Offices of executives
  • Protocol ceremonies
  • Interior receptions
  • Company boardrooms

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